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Detail illustration WASM I/O Detail illustration WASM I/O
Danny Macovei
Oscar Spencer

Filling a Registry-Shaped Hole in the Wasm Component Ecosystem

Danny Macovei - JAF Labs / Oscar Spencer - F5 NGINX


Wasm components are here and soon to be everywhere. This talk introduces the latest in developer tools for composing, publishing and deploying components. We will introduce the WebAssembly Registry (Warg) protocol and then use it to develop, publish, and deploy.

Today, there are developer library registries (on npm, RubyGems,, etc.) and there are deployment artifact registries (OCI, DockerHub, etc.). Wasm component registries blur this distinction. A Wasm component can be imported and used as a library in your programming language, or the same component can be easily composed with a little configuration into a new component that is a complete deployment artifact. This talk demonstrates how Wasm registries make it seamless to use components as libraries or deploy them as services.

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