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Detail illustration WASM I/O Detail illustration WASM I/O
Steve Manuel

Extism 1.0, your framework to build with WebAssembly

Steve Manuel - Dylibso

Extism launched in December 2022, and this talk shares how things have taken shape. 1.0 launches January 2024. The talk will culminate in a demo showcasing just how portable WebAssembly can be (the same code deployed to Cloudflare, Vercel, in the browser,, Encore,, and many more)

Extism was created to smooth out the rough edges of working with Wasm. It’s a flexible framework that eliminates the lower-level concerns of loading and executing Wasm code, as well as interoperability with numerous languages. In the talk, I’ll also cover how various other ecosystem projects compare, and draw some analogies to other ecosystem frameworks like Python/Flask, Docker/Kubernetes, etc. The audience should leave with a solid understanding of when to reach for Extism vs. the Component Model, based on what they already know about other abstraction layers like Flask & GraphQL.

Extism helps make great use of one of WebAssembly’s most useful features, portability. As such, I’ll take the audience on a journey to see just how far we can take Wasm into all sorts of places… WebAssembly inside Excel? You bet!

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