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Detail illustration WASM I/O Detail illustration WASM I/O
Shivay Lamba
Saiyam Pathak
Saloni Narang
Danielle Lancashire

Sustainability with WASM? - faster, greener computing [Panel]

Shivay Lamba - / Saiyam Pathak - Civo / Saloni Narang - Kubesimplify / Danielle Lancashire - Fermyon

Wasm enables greener computing through efficient architecture and virtualization. Our panel shares insights and best practices for using Wasm to reduce carbon footprint across AI, containers, and more. Join us to learn how Wasm optimizes performance and resources for sustainable software development.

In an era prioritizing environmental sustainability, this panel explores Wasm’s role in greener computing. We discuss WASM’s efficient architecture, how Wasm can be used as an efficient virtualization layer, & its corresponding impact on eco-friendly software. We emphasize WASM’s optimized performance & resource management over traditional containers, the talk highlights its benefits in sustainable software development. We discuss one of the production case studies where we illustrate how the blend of software and hardware can power services while repurposing waste heat to provide electricity for consumer applications. Particularly, we also show Wasm’s application in AI inferencing, demonstrating its effectiveness in green computing. The audience would gain insights into using Wasm for green computing. The panel will share best practices for reducing cloud computing’s carbon footprint & applying these strategies in various tech endeavors, drawing from extensive experience in the field.

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