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Detail illustration WASM I/O Detail illustration WASM I/O
Bailey Hayes
Daniel Caballero
Oscar Spencer
Saúl Cabrera

Wasm Warriors: Conquering Real-World Problems in Production [Panel]

Bailey Hayes - Cosmonic / Daniel Caballero - Fastly / Oscar Spencer - F5 NGINX / Saúl Cabrera - Shopify

Are you curious how engineers are applying WebAssembly to address practical challenges in the real world? Listen to a discussion from the preeminent experts who have deployed Wasm to production and learn how they solved the unique challenges related to WebAssembly.

Join host Nigel Poulton, with panelists Bailey Hayes, Daniel Caballero, Oscar Spencer, and Saúl Cabrera for a candid discussion sharing firsthand experiences, successes, and challenges in deploying Wasm to production in real-world applications. These leading experts will share how they leveraged Wasm in different environments from web applications, server-side microservices, embedded devices, and plugins for enhanced performance, security, programmability, and cross-platform innovation.

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