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Detail illustration WASM I/O Detail illustration WASM I/O
Robert Sasu

WebAssembly at the Core of the MultiversX Blockchain

Robert Sasu - MultiversX

This is the story of how WebAssembly got to be integrated at the core of the MultiversX blockchain: its performance, portability and interoperability. It’s also about all the choices regarding this integration: the rich VM environment, managed allocation, IO, ESDT tokens, safety, and execution.

This talk is about how and why WebAssembly is so well suited for the blockchain, and our latest progress in running it at the core of the decentralized applications in our ecosystem.

I’ll talk a little about how we started and why we chose WebAssembly and Wasmer.

Then, I’ll go into what makes our integration of WebAssembly special: the very minimal builds, the way we allocate and handle so-called “managed types”, the way we handle I/O and cryptography, as well as how we model and deal with cryptocurrencies and tokens.

I’d also like to go in some depth about interoperability between blockchain applications. I will touch on sharding and sovereign chains, but especially about our new model of asynchronous calls between smart contracts, which are all independent WebAssembly modules.

I’ll talk about several more developments and performance improvements we have planned for the rest of 2024, and the impact they will have on how we do finance and build on the Web in the 21st century.

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